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Seven Handstand Exercises for Pressing Bodyweight

People who build up their arm strength have more options available to them when it comes to balancing a handstand. Arm strength will give you the ability to dip forward and save a handstand if you loose balance. Also you’ll

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Podcast Ep.8 – Kit Laughlin – Stretching & Flexibility

In this fascinating 90min interview, Kit Laughlin talks about his experience in the field of Stretching & Flexibility. Kit has written 3 books, travels the world teaching workshops, and at age 64 his knowledge of the body is extensive. Of

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Handstand one-arm conditioning 

This is a circuit of exercises that I have been drilling recently. I like to pick a small number of moves and spend an entire training session only working on those. I often pick two or three things and spend 2 hours

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Handstand Press explained

The more forward bend flexibility you have, the less you will need to lean your bodyweight over your hands, and so the less shoulder strength you will need. Start with your legs in a medium wide stance, slowly lean into

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10 ways to build Handstand confidence using the wall

This video tutorial will take you on a journey from beginner to improver. 1. People who are building their handstand confidence from scratch should aim to just get one foot to touch the wall. There is no need to stay

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Handstand Shoulder Angles Explained

The quest for a straight Handstand can be a mystery at first. It’s important to remember that the mechanics of the handstand are very simple. There is realy only 3 factors. 1. The shoulder angle. 2. The curvature or straightness

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Six Handstand transitions for Yoga – Downward Dog to Forward Fold

It feels great to float from downward dog to forward fold whilst practising Yoga, which is why I created this short video to give you some exercises to work on. As with most movements – a combination of strength and

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Tucked Handstand. Bum out? – or not 

A tucked handstand is easier in some ways because the bodyweight is lower and so it’s easier to balance.  People with good shoulder mobility will find it easier to stick their bum out because open shoulders are a part of

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How to do Forearm Stand in 10 easy steps. Video Tutorial. 

Would you like more confidence in your forearm Stand? Do you get nervous or opt-out of Forearm Stand when you get to the Inversion part of your Yoga class? If so… this short video could be helpful for you! Be

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Why do Pole Dancers love learning Handstands?

Handstands are addictive… really addictive. In some ways they are the holy grail of party tricks, the trophy move. For a start, they can not be blagged or faked, there’s no easy version.. the handstand is either happening.. or it’s

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