How to do Forearm Stand in 10 easy steps. Video Tutorial. 

Would you like more confidence in your forearm Stand? Do you get nervous or opt-out of Forearm Stand when you get to the Inversion part of your Yoga class? If so… this short video could be helpful for you!

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1) I highly recommend you practise near a wall. You could ask a friend to spot you but the wall is very reliable and always available!

2) Don’t be in any rush. It’s ok to just get comfortable with your weight in your forearms at first (like a downward dog but in forearms, bum in the air, legs straight), and then practise lifting one leg at a time off the floor. (practise both sides). 

3) Once you feel comfortable lifting legs, then start to hop. Keep the legs nice and straight and toes pointed. Hop from one foot to another.

4) Eventually it will feel natural to hop all the way up so that one or both feet touches the wall. It’s ok to have both legs together or stay in splits, either is fine.

5) Get comfortable just staying in the Inversion, breath, find some calm and stillness. This will help your Strength, endurance, and mental focus. 

6) Once you feel confident in the Inversion try bending your knees so the tips of your toes slide down the wall closer to your head and to the ground. This is a Scorpion pose. 

7) Once you are comfortable looking between your hands (at the wall), try tucking your head through so you’re now looking towards your bellbutton. This will help stretch your shoulders and triceps open which is useful for all inversions including handstand. Be sure to push your chest through away from your hands as far as you. This will feel like a nice stretch. 

8) You are now ready to move away from the wall. (It’s ok to have a friend spot you). If you fall to far whilst practising  just lift one elbow and it will twist you out sideways so you can land on your feet like a cat without any problems.

9) Repeat the same steps you did against the wall by lifting one leg at a time, then start to hop from one foot to the other until you eventually find some balance in splits. (Splits is easier than having feet together.)

10) Once you are confident balancing without a wall or a spotter, try bending both knees in splits (sometimes called Stag, or Attitude, legs are split front and back but knees are bent.) let one leg fall back so the knee bends and the foot comes towards your head, let the knee of your other leg tuck towards your tummy, keep your feet and toes pointed. Now the extra step is to tuck your head through so your looking towards your belly button!


thanks for reading this article.

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Ben Lowrey

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