Joint Ventures

I am looking for 5 types of Joint Venture for online products and events

  1. Podcast interview guests.
  2. Existing products. If you have an online product (such as a yoga tutorial, gymnastics tutorial, handstand tutorial etc) which fits with the theme of Acro Library, it’s possible I would like to promote it. It’s important that you have an online affiliate system which automatically tracks sales and pays out commission on an automated basis. Ideally this would be run through clickbank or something similar.
  3. New Product joint ventures. I am looking for handbalancers and acrobats to produce video products with. I will appear with you in the video and we will produce a tutorial featuring you as the guest teacher. We will host the product on AcroLibrary and split the sales. Sales and commissions will be tracked automatically through Clickbank. For more information check the video partner page.
  4. Workshop hosts. I am looking for more locations to teach handstand workshops, either in short 90-min sessions or in collaboration with longer multi-day events such as retreats & festivals. Terms are entirely negotiable and I will promote your event or retreat to the AcroLibrary audience via podcast and social media pages.
  5. Promotion Partners who would like to use their influence on social media to promote my events either in exchange for financial commision or in exchange for free tickets based on selling a certain number of tickets.