Promotion Partners for Events (Affiliates)

Thank you for expressing interest in being a Promotion Partner for Ben Lowrey’s Acro Library Events!

I realise it can feel a bit icky to earn commision by promoting things to friends… it’s much nicer to give them the discount or earn free tickets instead… which is why I’ve given you 3 ways of promoting our events.

a) I can give you a unique 10% discount code which you can give to your friends and associates as a gift. This feels good and gives you a nice excuse to promote the event.

b) I can give you a free ticket when you sell 5 tickets via your unique tracking link. (email me and I will send you your code or tracking link)

c) If you are a professional internet marketer who prefers to earn commission, you can go and grab an affiliate link and be rewarded financially every time somebody buys a ticket.

d) Maybe you just prefer to share the damn event online with no agenda and no strings attanched… in which case.. Thank You!.. Go ahead! 😀

It’s all very simple and can be set up in minutes.

1) It would be really helpful if you would join this list so I can maintain a database of people who are interest in being Promotion Partners. This means you will be notified about future events so that you don’t miss opportunities to get involved, earn tickets, or earn money if you prefer.

2)  If you prefer the discount code or free ticket then email me your preference and I will send you your code or tracking link. If you would prefer to be rewarded with monetary commission you will need to join the affiliate program for that event on Eventbrite. You will find the affiliate program sign-up link on the resources page for each event (listed below). If you run into any problems then contact me.

3) Once you have your unique link, that is the technical stuff taken care of. Now all you need is some graphics and words to post to social media along with your link. You can find those here

Instagram only allows a clickable link to be posted on your actual profile (individual posts can’t click out). So for Instagram it is recommended that you encourage people to find the link on your profile. Facebook however has no such restrictions and so you can post the link + image + words all together with no problems.

Below you will find a list of current events and the relevant promotion resources.

If you have any questions, email, or call

Thank you for getting involved!

If you need help don’t hesitate to contact me.