Six Handstand transitions for Yoga – Downward Dog to Forward Fold

It feels great to float from downward dog to forward fold whilst practising Yoga, which is why I created this short video to give you some exercises to work on.

As with most movements – a combination of strength and flexibility is required. If you have less of one, you will need more of the other to make up the difference.

People with great shoulder mobility and forward fold will be able to position their weight nicely over their hands without relying so much on strength, and people with very strong shoulders will be able to use brute force to support their bodyweight without relying so much on form or alignment. 

Any time your arms leave the vertical position and lean forward (planching forward) then shoulder strength will be required to support that lean.

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Additional stretching exercises will help increase the shoulder mobility and make all Handstands easier.

Additional gymnastic conditioning such as GMB will help overall movement ability

A free 20 minute handstand tutorial is available from the homepage

Resistance bands, parallettes and other bodyweight fitness equipment can be found at Rubber Banditz

Ben Lowrey Handstand Classes (Bristol U.K.) + national workshops can be found here

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