Luxury Strength + Inversions Workshop + Spa 

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Ben Lowrey’s 2 hour strength and inversions workshop is a blend of Yoga Inversions and Acrobatic Handbalancing and is an extension of the regular 1 hour handstand class.

The next two events are scheduled for;
Saturday 15th July 2017
Saturday 4th November 2017
(both 2pm-4pm)

Workshop attendees are invited to stay and enjoy the stunning pool and leisure facilities after the workshop. Admittance is included in your ticket price and comes at no extra cost. Guests are also welcome to congragate at 5:30pm for informal food  + drinks and socialising.

• 2pm-4pm workshop

• 4pm-5:30 pool + spa (included)

• 5:30pm food + drinks (optional, not included)

This workshop is suitable for people who practise yoga regularly and who wish to dedicate an entire training session to progressing their strength and confidence with inversions. All attendees will be challenged with a wide range of exercises and even those who already have a confident Handstand will be pushed to their limits.

Handstand beginners are welcome to attend this workshop, but the basic ability to hold a crow for 10 seconds, planks for 30 seconds and handstand against a wall for 10 seconds are the minimum strength requirements.

The atmosphere is inclusive and encouraging and everybody’s level will be enthusiastically catered for.

The extra 1 hour allows for significant time to be spent on practising many yoga inversions, including crow variations, headstand, and forearm stand variations.

The extra time also allows for significant stretching and strength conditioning which will make a noticeable difference to the student’s balance, stability and consistency.

Handstand Balance will remain a core element of this workshop. We will spend significant time spotting each other and working on handstand alignment and balance including exercises against the wall.

Time will be made to work on the following transitions:

• Crow to handstand (and in reverse)

• Headstand to Handstand (and in reverse)

• Handstand to forward roll.

• Cartwheel to handstand.

Strength drills will be carried out in a gymnastic or fitness style and be less like the kind of thing you do in yoga.

Ben Lowrey personally practises handstands for 2 hours per day separately from any additional yoga, gymnastic, strength and movement training, and this workshop will give you a taste of the kind of instensity and repetition that are required to make faster progress in your handstand and inversion goals.

This workshop welcomes beginners so long as you meet the minimum strength requirements already mentioned. There is no requirement that you already be able to hold a handstand unassisted.

Price for 2 hour workshop + Spa = £35

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