Upper body strength for handstands… are you sure?

Many people believe they need more upper body strength to hold a handstand, but in many cases what they need is more shoulder flexibility.

When you’re in a handstand, if your arms and spine form a straight line then you need very little strength to hold a handstand, just like how standing upright on your feet is effortless.

The less flexibility you have in the shoulders, the more angles there will be (closed shoulders, back bend), and the more muscle strength will be required to support those angles. If you don’t know what I mean then try holding a squat for 60 seconds and notice how difficult it is.

The answer is to push and stretch.

  • When you push upwards so that your hands go away from your body, and your shoulders come right to your ears, this has the effect of opening the shoulders into a straight(er) line with the spine.
  • Stretching the shoulders open will also improve the range of motion and make your handstand easier. This can be done with a few basic stretches but will also be improved by yoga and regular full body stretching routines.

Come to class and we’ll work on it. 🙂
If you have any questions email me.

MoveGB Bristol Voucher worth £40 - Free first month

MoveGB Bristol Voucher worth £40 – Free first month

Bristol Weekly Handstand Classes

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  • Wednesdays at 6pm
    Matter Wholefoods, 1 Greenbank Road, Easton, BS5 6EZ
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  • Sundays at 1pm (here)
    Bubalu, Gloucester Rd. Bristol, BS7 8AS
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    Funky Monkey Studio in Bath
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If you are not a MoveGB member please feel welcome to drop-in (£7).

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