Handstand Workshop information for Hosts & Studios

Hello! My name is Ben Lowrey from Bristol UK, and I am very keen to visit new studios around the country to teach my 90 min or 2 hour Handstand Workshop!


Regardless of whether you are a studio owner, gym owner, or an independent enthusiast who is interested in bringing my Handstand workshop to your area, I provide lots of great resources to help you promote the event.

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I try to answer all questions in advance but people are welcome to contact me.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the workshop suitable for beginners? Yes, so long as you can hold a plank and a downward dog for 30 seconds each, you have enough body strength for a handstand. Being able to hold a handstand against a wall for at least 10 seconds is another good measure.

Is it suitable for people who can already handstand? Yes. Many of my students have a gymnastic background, or are advanced Yogis who have already mastered handstand to some degree. I will adapt the class to challenge whoever is present. It’s very rare for people to leave my class unchallenged.

Can children attend? Not really. It is an adult class. Teenagers who are big enough to spot an adult are welcome to attend but I would prefer 15 as a minimum age.

What should people wear? Normal comfortable gym/yoga clothes is fine.

Do we work on other inversions besides handstand? Yes we will spend a bit of time on forearm-stand, headstand, and crow variations because they are relevant and fun and challenging, but most of the class will be spent on handstand.

Can you really fill an entire workshop with just handstands? Yes. There is a lot to work on. Flexibility, Strength, Balance. We work in pairs to spot each other and there is a lot of different exercises we will practise. The class is very fast paced and 90/120 minutes flys by. People are often surprised at how challenging it is.

What type of Handstand is it? Circus Handbalancing. We will train in the way a professional Circus Handbalancer would train. Yoga, Capoeira, Crossfit, Gymnastics, Break dance, all approach handstands in different ways. The strictest form is Circus Handbalancing.

Business details regarding price and numbers.

  • How much is it? The price varies due to a number of factors such as location, room capacity, room hire costs, workshop length, frequency of re-visits, and any other factors such as pool and spa facilities which may be available. Students currently pay anywhere between £20 – £35 per head. Sometimes I will hire the studio at a flat rate, or on other occasions the Host will take £1-£5 per head. I also offer 1 free space to the host/organiser. There is no longer 50/50 splits but I will do my best to accommodate a deal that is worthwhile for you. Every studio situation is different and I will consider all proposals.
  • Who processes the payment? Initially studio owners collected payments themselves and I invoiced them for the total amount, but in November 2016 I began listing all events using Eventbrite and processing the payments myself. Eventbrite is very slick and has good built-in promotion tools which make my life easier. If you are looking for the eventbrite link for an upcoming event please find it here.
  • How many people can attend? Up to 20, but 16 is typical. Minimum 6.
  • When? Sundays are my preferred day. I will generally opt for 12pm or 2pm. Please check the workshop page to see what dates I am not already booked and therefor available.

Marketing and promotion.

  • I will provide you lots of photos and several videos which you can upload to help promote the event.
    • Images + Video + Description + Insurance Dropbox Folder > here
  • I will also put links on my website and promote it on my own social media.
  • I have found the best way to promote a workshop is for me to create a facebook event and then ad you as a co-host, and then you can invite your students/customers/contacts to that event.
  • All guests can view free handstand tutorials here acrolibrary.com/freevideo

Feel welcome to call, text, email, or add me on facebook.